In the Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas there are two main types of style:

Narrative: Narrative writing tells a personal or fictional experience, or a story based on real or fictional events.

Persuasive: Persuasive writing attempts to convince the reader to accept a particular point of view or to take a specific action.

This story is mainly Narrative style but it has a bit of a Persuasive Style to it as well. The story was based around a "utopia" which is basically impossible to come by and is about how this "utopia" stays happy. The story is fictional with its perfection (or imperfection) of a city with a child locked up in the basement of a building. The story has a bit of a persuasive style to it because the story has a main action of trying to realize that there is always someone that has to suffer for even the nicest of places to flourish. In this story there is a child that is in pain, who is lonely, sad, and rejected from the outside world but the only way to keep this community, this "utopia", happy is to keep this child in misery and that is a big action that the story is showing.